Who is Gus Smyrnios on Floribama Shore? Part ladies man, part hopeless romantic

Gus Smyrnios is a cast member on Floribama Shore
Gus Smyrnios is popular with the ladies on Floribama Shore

Gus Smyrnios definitely got noticed when he joined the cast of Floribama Shore. Gus is definitely easy on the eyes, which has caught the attention of many ladies as well as helped launch an interesting new business endeavor.

During Season 1, Gus Smyrnios opened up about his late teen years. He was forced to leave his home at 17, making things difficult for him. Gus learned how to survive but missed out on a lot of the things young adults do as a coming of age ritual.

Since talking about his family issues on the show, Smyrnios has been in contact with some of his family members. They did choose not to attend the celebration at the beach house during Season 1, but he has been spending time with them.

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His family isn’t something he talks about a lot, and since discussing the situation on Season 1, they have not been brought up. Gus Smyrnios’ father was a state trooper and a painter. The two used to work on jobs together. Gus has done several odds and ends jobs, including roofing.

Aside from his reality television career, Gus Smyrnios is also a book cover model. He has been featured in the romance genre which is no big surprise as he is quite attractive.

While that is a cool gig, he can do one better. Gus was also a model for Armani’s fragrance line.

Nilsa Prowant grabbed Gus’ attention during Season 1, but she wasn’t interested in dating him. The two did go out once, though.

It looks like romance will be heating up for Nilsa and Gus this season. Floribama Shore previews show the two lip-locked at some point this season, something that has piqued the interest of viewers.

He has expressed interest in settling down and getting married in the near future. Gus Smyrnios is a self-proclaimed ladies man, something that has been noted frequently on the show.

Floribama Shore airs on MTV Monday nights at 10/9c 

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