Who is D’Andra Simmons, new star of The Real Housewives of Dallas?

D'Andra Simmons The Real Housewives of Dallas promo picture
D’Andra Simmons in her promotional photo for The Real Housewives of Dallas

D’Andra Simmons has joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Dallas for Season 2 — but who is she and how did she get rich?

D’Andra is one of the biggest names on the social scene in Texas and hails from an uber-wealthy family. Her dad and uncle are both self-made millionaires.

But she also makes her own money too, working for her mom Dee’s supplements business Ultimate Living.

D’Andra has her own beauty line with the company called Hard Night Good Morning, but hopes to become the head of the entire company one day when her mother retires.

She resides in one of the city’s most prestigious neighborhoods, Highland Park with her photographer husband Jeremy Lock.

Lock is a retired Master Sergeant in the US Airforce and has won the title of Military Photographer of the Year an amazing seven times.

His 20-year-old son from a previous marriage also lives with them, along with D’Andra’s two Brussels Griffons dogs Dixie and Gypsy.

D’Andra ended up on The Real Housewives of Dallas because she’s good friends with both LeeAnne Locken and Cary Deuber — who both fell out at the end of last season.

In her spare time, D’Andra does alot of volunteering and fundraising for charity. You also wouldn’t want to mess with her, as she loves to box to keep fit — and used to be a bodybuilder!

D’Andra is active on both Instagram and Twitter where you can follow her for her latest updates.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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