Who is Caroline Stanbury from Ladies of London, and how does she make her money?

Caroline Stanbury in her profile picture for Ladies of London
Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury, who has a lot of strings to her bow. Pic: Bravo

Caroline Stanbury is one of the biggest names on Bravo TV’s Ladies of London — but who is she and how does she make her money?

Caroline grew up in the UK’s capital city and has been involved in its fashion scene for years.

She originally grew her contacts book through working as a personal stylist for the rich, before going on to launch luxury online ‘gifting’ service The Gift Library.

The stunning blonde has since turned into a serial entrepreneur with a string of money-making ideas on the go. She is currently working on launching a new furniture line ECmyLIFE.

Caroline has an eye for both business and fashion, and prides herself on keeping on top of the latest trends. She runs her own blog, called Stanbury – Perfected in London, covering fashion, beauty and lifestyle, with features on the latest styles and beauty tips.

The mum-of-three recently moved to Dubai with her husband Cem Habib and their kids, Yasmine, Aaron, and Zac, after 24 years in London but she still spends a lot of time in the UK and globe-trotting around the world.

Caroline and husband Cem enjoying the good life in Dubai
Caroline and husband Cem enjoying the good life in Dubai. Pic: @carolinestanbury/Instagram

Although she’s enjoying her new life in the sun she doesn’t think the move will be a permanent one. She wants to move back to London one day, and possibly also make a move to America. Could we be seeing her on The Real Housewives sometimes soon?

Caroline and her family moved to the United Arab Emirates in August 2015 for her husband Cem’s job. He also occasionally appears on Ladies of London, and is originally from Turkey.

Like Caroline, Cem is also a high-flyer and is a big earner as a partner at investment management firm CIS Private Equity Management Limited. Previously he was a hedge fund manager for Cheyne Capital. His work takes him on regular trips around the world.

The uber-successful couple have a lot of famous faces as friends, including Naomi Campbell and Nicole Sherzinger. Caroline also had string of famous boyfriends in the past including Prince Andrew, part of the British royal family, and former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs.

Because of Caroline’s line of business, she is huge on clothes and had an enormous multi-room walk-in wardrobe at her old home in London.

And her move to Dubai certainly hasn’t brought her down in the world. Her new home in the city is a seven-bedroom villa in the prestigious Al Barari residential area.

She had the inside decked out in a sumptuous interior with the help of her friend Bianca Ladow’s interior design firm Earlcrown Design, using “Los Angeles living” as her inspiration and designing all the furniture herself.

Due to her line of work, Caroline is also big on social media, and has an impressive fan-base with nearly 300,000 on Instagram, 60,000 on Facebook, and 50,000 followers on Twitter.

Caroline is a long-time friend of Ladies of London co-star Sophie Stanbury, who used to be married to her brother Alex.

Ladies of London airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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