Candace Rice on Floribama Shore: Laid back lover of bad boys

Candace Rice is back for another round of Floribama Shore

Candace Rice was often the voice of reason in the Floribama Shore house. That said,

Growing up in Memphis was a lot for Candace Rice. She talked about the violence around her, something she doesn’t talk about a lot. Rice’s family appears to support her through this reality television saga as her parents appeared on an episode at the end of Season 1.

The other housemates were impressed with Candace Rice and her parents as they happily drank along during their visit. Several viewers noted that on social media, calling them “fun” and “awesome.”

During Season 1 of Floribama Shore, Candace Rice got to know Kortni Gilson on a personal level. She learned that her housemate had peed in the bed next to her bed after a night of heavy drinking. The footage was shown and Rice’s reaction was everything you would have expected.

This season, Candace Rice returned to the house with a boyfriend on the side. He is reportedly making an appearance this season, something that was teased in the previews.

Last season Candace was ready to party and have a good time, but now, she is watching her step as Codi Butts has his eye on her. Candace has a thing for bad boys and she’s even admitted as much. Will her new relationship last or will she be back on the singles scene again soon?

Being one of the voices of reason in the house of Floribama Shore isn’t always easy, but Candace Rice does it with poise.

Floribama Shore airs on MTV Monday nights at 10/9c

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