Who is Anna Vakili on Love Island 2019?

Anna Vakili on Instagram
Who is Love Island contestant Anna Vakili? Pic credit: Anna Vakili/Instagram

Love Island contestant Anna Vakili has been making waves since she joined the cast of season 5 of the ITV2 show.

New footage that aired on last night’s Love Island: Unseen Bits (Season 5, Episode 27) revealed Anna has been up to a lot more in the fifth season of the show than fans realized.

The footage shows Anna treating her partner Jordan Hames to a steamy soaping down in the outdoor shower before moving on to Casa Amor.

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The sexy 28-year-old pharmacist clearly wanted to leave Hames with sweet parting memories, so she stripped down to her bikini and joined Hames in the outdoor shower.

And while the other contestants watched, she spread the lather on her palms and gave Hames a rubbing down he would never forget.

The footage shows Anna working down sensuously from Hames’ chest to his six-pack and further down to his trunks. Her palms linger around the bulge in the front of his wet trunks before moving even further down to his legs.

The cameras pan to show Hames wearing a smug, self-satisfied smirk on his face.

If you’ve wanted to know who the sexy Love Island contestant dubbed the “British Kim Kardashian” is, here is everything you need to know.

Anna Vakili has a masters degree in pharmacy

Anna Vakili is 28 years old. She has a masters degree in pharmacy. She lives in London and describes herself as being of “Middle Eastern background.”

She is an Instagram star

With currently more than 739,000 followers on Instagram, she is a social media star. She had less than 40,000 followers on her Instagram before Love Island brought her fame and celebrity status.

When she was first announced as one of the cast members for Love Island 2019, she declared she was “different to anyone who has been on the show before.”

She was apparently referring to the fact that she combines “glam looks” with a professional background as well as a Middle Eastern background.

She gained thousands of Instagram followers before entering Love Island

Anna gained thousands of fans on Instagram in early 2019 before entering the Love island villa.

According to Anna, she suddenly gained more than 20,000 followers after Iranian news media featured her and her sister partying in Qatar with two Iranian footballers with huge followings on Instagram.

She reportedly got plastic surgery in 2016

Anna Vakili is proud of her good looks but based on the fact that she looked very different in her 2015 college graduation ceremony photos, fans concluded that she got her voluptuous curves and hips through cosmetic surgery.

She also reportedly got a boob job done in 2016. A former boyfriend claimed that her plump lips are due to lip fillers.

She had an embarrassing encounter with Kem Cetinay in 2018

Her work as a pharmacist has allowed her to travel widely in the Middle East, including Dubai and Qatar.

She admitted she could be rather clumsy and had an encounter with former Love Island winner Kem Cetinay in Dubai in November 2018.

Cetinay was in the company of his cousin who, according to Vakili, was a “really hot” guy. She apparently became self-conscious and gawky in the presence of Cetinay’s “really hot cousin” and, while chatting with him, she slipped and fell.

What Vakili wants in her guy

Not much is know about Vakili’s dating history because she hasn’t shared much, but she said she doesn’t get enough opportunities to meet guys due to the nature of her work which brings her mostly in contact with “really old or sick” folks.

But she shared that she met a few of her ex-boyfriends through Instagram.

Anna said she was looking for a tall, dark and handsome guy on Love Island. But she doesn’t like cocky guys. She prefers “soppy guys” who are sensitive, smart and funny.

He major turn-off is poor hygiene. She dislikes smelly unwashed guys.

How tall is Vakili?

In the opening episode of season 5, which aired on ITV2 on June 3, Vakili said she wanted a guy who would match her in height and that she did not want to be with a short guy.

Her comments led fans to wonder how tall she is and she finally revealed that she was 5 ft 9 inches tall.

She was first coupled with Sherif Lanre but ended up with Jordan Hames

She was initially coupled with Sherif Lanre, but Sherif was kicked off the show for breaking the rules. After refusing an opportunity to pair up with Anton Danyluk, Anna suddenly found herself single.

She was nearly evicted from the show when she failed to find a partner during the episode 12 recoupling, but she avoided eviction when two new contestants — Tom Walker and Jordan Hames — joined the villa.

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