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Who is Ali Mills Schwarber: Will Elisabeth Shue be in Cobra Kai Season 3?

Who is Ali Mills Schwarber
Ali and Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid. Pic credit: Columbia Pictures

The last episode of Cobra Kai Season 2 had an interesting moment that brought a rush of excitement to Karate Kid fans. Johnny Lawrence got a message on his mobile phone but angrily launched it toward the ocean without looking at it.

The camera then showed the phone and reveals Johnny received a Facebook friend request from Ali Mills Schwarber.

Who is Ali Mills Schwarber?

Fans of the original Karate Kid know Ali well. She was Johnny’s ex-girlfriend who took a liking to the new kid Daniel and ended up in the middle of their fight.

She ends up dating Daniel and is there to cheer him on to victory at the All Valley Tournament when he beat Johnny for the title.

However, that was the last anyone saw from Ali as she was not in the Karate Kid sequel. Instead, Daniel said that she wrecked his car and left him for a UCLA football player.

In real life, Shue took a break from acting to attend Harvard.

In Cobra Kai Season 1, Johnny asks Daniel about Ali and he tells him that she is a pediatric surgeon in Denver and is married to a man named Gregory Schwarber.

In Cobra Kai Season 2, Johnny looks up Ali on Facebook and thinks about messaging her to catch up. However, he changes his mind — but a woman bumps into him and he accidentally sends the message anyway.

Sadly, he did not see her response in the Season 2 finale. He was on the beach, angry and hurt after Miguel ended up injured and in the hospital after the fight at the school and tosses his phone without realizing the ding was a message from Ali.

Is Elisabeth Shue coming to Cobra Kai Season 3?

Could Elisabeth Shue return to the world of Karate Kid?

In an interview with EW, showrunner John Heald hinted as much.

“Ali is one of those characters from the movies and in this universe that is very, very important and very integral to the relationship and the rivalry and the dynamic and the history between these characters, and I can say no more than that,” he said.

Cobra Kai has been Johnny Lawrence’s redemption story and even the original hero Daniel seems like a jerk in comparison to Johnny.

With the former Cobra Kai fighter admitting in the show that he has “never gotten over her,” in reference to Ali, that is one area that the series can still cover as the story progresses.

The fact that Ali messaged Johnny at that important moment can’t just be a coincidence.

Cobra Kai Season 2 is now airing on YouTube Premium.

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