Who got voted off Survivor tonight? Survivor recap from Season 38, episode 9

Host Jeff Probst during Survivor 38, episode 9
Host Jeff Probst during Survivor 38, episode 9. Pic credit: CBS

This Survivor recap comes from Season 38, episode 9. The episode jumped right into the action, showing the fallout from the last person getting voted off Survivor.

Julie Rosenberg and Ron Clark got left out of the vote. So they began scrambling to figure out their place in the game. Rick Devens and David Wright met up after the last Tribal Council, discussing how they would move forward after voting for different people. At stake was the Immunity Idol that was split between them. Rick and David each still had half of it.

Eric Hafemann was shown on Extinction Island for the first time, after getting voted off during the last episode. Meanwhile, Chris Underwood was able to pull a stingray out of the water, which could serve as food for the five people on the island. The other three were Aubry Bracco, Reem Daly, and Joe Anglim.

Immunity Challenge

It came down to Gavin Whitson and David Wright for the third Individual Immunity Challenge of the season. Gavin won immunity, outlasting the other competitors in another balancing challenge. He would be safe from the next Tribal Council. Someone else would become the ninth person who got voted off Survivor this season.

After the Immunity Challenge, there were a lot of interesting moments back at camp, with pointed silences suggesting that a lot of stuff was going on inside the minds of the castaways. The awkward silence led to unclear foreshadowing about what might take place at the Tribal Council.

Who got voted off Survivor tonight?

The Survivor recap for Season 38, episode 9 comes to an end with what took place at the April 10 Tribal Council. The episode got to the Tribal Council far earlier than usual, suggesting that something big might take place during the episode.

Julia Carter and Aurora McCreary gave some answers to questions from host Jeff Probst that set off the radar of Rick Devens, who started speaking openly about how he would work with anyone to vote out Aurora on the spot. It led to a lot of side conversations and Jeff letting the chaos play out in front of him.

People broke off into groups and there were a lot of back-and-forth conversations about what might or should happen. Jeff called it “one of the craziest” Tribal Councils he has seen and that he couldn’t wait to read the votes. David Wright played the combined Hidden Immunity Idol to become safe. The person who got voted off Survivor tonight was Julia Carter.

Survivor: Edge of Extinction airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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