Who got voted off Survivor tonight? Season 38, episode 12 recap

Lauren watches Aurora get caught looking through Rick's bag on Survivor.
Lauren watches Aurora get caught looking through Rick’s bag on Survivor. Pic credit: CBS

Who got voted off Survivor tonight was actually tied into the contestant’s loved ones joining them on the show. This season 38, episode 12 recap covers how the final seven castaways handled an emotional hour of the show.

During the last episode of the show, Wardog was voted off of Survivor. He was sent to Extinction Island after ruffling too many feathers at camp. It left just seven people competing as part of the main tribe.

The May 1 episode had the castaways joining host Jeff Probst on the beach and learning that their loved ones had arrived.

Reward Challenge

Each of the final seven castaways got to spend a little time with their loved one as Jeff asked questions of them. Then, Jeff announced that the seven castaways would be playing the challenge with their loved ones.

Fried chicken, apple pie, and time with their loved ones were on the line. Ron Clark and his partner Lloyd won the Reward Challenge.

Ron got to pick a pair to join them. He went with Julie Rosenberg and her loved one. Ron was then allowed to pick one more pair. He went with Gavin Whitsin and his new wife.

That left Lauren O’Connell, Aurora McCreary, Rick Devens, and Victoria Baamonde heading back to camp alone and frustrated with Ron’s choices.

At the meal, the trio of Survivor cast members decided that it was time to get Rick out of the game. Could they succeed in that goal before the hour came to an end?

Season 38, episode 12 recap

Back at camp, Aurora decided to go through Rick’s bag to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol. She got caught, leading to some awkward moments at camp.

It also led to Rick looking even harder for the Idol and he wound up finding a clue to its location.

When everyone had gone to sleep for the night, Rick went looking for the Immunity Idol and he was successful. He now has an additional power that can be used at Tribal Council.

Individual Immunity Challenge

The latest Immunity Challenge involved each person perched on small ledges inside two walls. The winner would be the person lasting the longest. Rick was out pretty quickly, followed by Ron.

Soon they were down to just Lauren and Gavin competing for safety.

Gavin won his second Individual Immunity Idol.

Tribal Council: Who got voted off Survivor tonight?

Ahead of the Tribal Council, six people wanted to vote Rick off of Survivor. Aurora, fearing she could go home if Rick played a Hidden Immunity Idol, gave her extra vote to Gavin in the case of a voting tie.

She wanted him to vote out Ron, but Ron had invited Gavin to enjoy time with his wife.

At Tribal Council, Rick played the Idol to save himself. Any votes against Rick would not count. Ron Devens received two votes and was the person who got voted off Survivor tonight.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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