Who got voted off Survivor last night? Extinction Island gets exciting

Lauren on Survivor 38 cast.
Lauren on Survivor 38 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Two episodes of Survivor 38 aired on March 20. The name of the castaway who got voted off Survivor last night during the first episode may end up surprising viewers and readers.

The new episode of Survivor jumped right into things, with host Jeff Probst revealing that Rick Devens had been voted out at the last Tribal Council. This was done at a Reward Challenge, with the first tribe to finish getting sandwiches and milk. The second-place tribe would get a smaller plate of the food.

The Kama tribe came in first place, with Manu coming in second. Lesu lost another challenge.


Extinction Island recap

Reem Daly, Keith Sowell, Chris Underwood, and Rick Devens were all shown on Extinction Island.

Chris found a box on the beach that had individualized maps inside for each of them. It led to a search on the island for items, with Chris finding a message on a string attached to rods saying “Practice.”

Rick found an advantage that that provides an extra vote at a future Tribal Council. It was to be used as a gift to someone still in the game.

Immunity Challenge

The Kama tribe won another Immunity Challenge, showing just how dominating they have become this season. Lesu finally found a way to come together and survive a challenge.

Kelley, David, Wardog, and Lauren became safe by winning their first competition of the season.

Kama heads to Tribal Council

Aubry, Eric, Gavin, Victoria, and Wendy were all at risk of getting voted out. Before the voting, Aubry discovered that inside her bag was the extra vote advantage that had been given to her by Rick.

Who got voted off Survivor last night?

At the Tribal Council vote, Aubry didn’t use her Immunity Idol or her advantage. It was a mistake. The Manu tribe voted out Aubry Bracco, who then decided to head to Extinction Island.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS

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