Who got evicted from Big Brother 21? Camp Comeback gets new resident

Jessica Milagros And Kemi Fakunle On BB21
Jessica Milagros and Kemi Fakunle were both nominated for eviction on Big Brother 21. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The houseguest who got evicted from Big Brother 21 last night was pretty predictable. The goal that Jackson Michies and Jack Matthews had since the second day in the house was finally achieved.

Who got evicted from Big Brother 21?

The 11 voting houseguests had to decide whether to evict Kemi Fakunle or Jessica Milagros on Thursday night. By a 10-1 vote, Kemi was evicted from the house.

Jackson was the only one who voted to keep Kemi, but he did it so he could lie and say someone else did it.

With the Camp Comeback twist, Kemi isn’t going home yet. Instead, she remains in the house and lives in what amounts to a Have-Not Room for the cast.

David Alexander and Ovi Kabir are already staying there.

Kemi is the person who Jackson and Jack wanted out, but they couldn’t convince Christie Murphy to do it when she was the HOH. It might not matter that much who went home, as the next target of the house is Jessica.

Big Brother 21 spoilers coming out this weekend

A lot is going to take place over the next 36 hours. On Friday (July 12) the third Whacktivity Competition was played. The results haven’t been revealed yet, but that information could get leaked on the live feeds at some point.

On the line is the Panic Power, which host Julie Chen stated is a classic advantage from the show.

Later on Friday, new Head of Household Nick Maccarone will host his Nomination Ceremony. It is expected he will put Jessica, Cliff Hogg, or Nicole Anthony on the block.


The next episode of the show is on Sunday night (July 14). That’s when CBS viewers will find out everything that took place on Friday.

It will show who has been nominated and who is the primary target for eviction. Will Nick make a bold move? Who will hold the Panic Power? Make sure to tune in to find out the answers!

Big Brother has CBS episodes on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.

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