Who gets hurt on Survivor? Season 38, episode 8 injury teased

Aubry Bracco is still competing on Survivor: Edge of Extinction
Aubry Bracco is still competing on Survivor: Edge of Extinction. Pic credit: CBS

Who gets hurt on Survivor? That’s the question a lot of viewers might have after CBS revealed a preview for Season 38, episode 8. The next episode of the show is called I’m the Puppet Master and it is going to revolve around the final 12 castaways competing to stay in the game.

Calling it a final 12 isn’t quite accurate, though, as there are still four additional castaways participating on Edge of Extinction. During the last episode, Joe Anglim got voted off Survivor. He then joined Aubry Bracco, Chris Underwood, and Reem Daly on Extinction Island.

Earlier in the episode, Rick Devens had earned a place back in the game, while Keith Sowell and Wendy Diaz quit the show.


So who gets hurt on Survivor cast?

Right before all the votes were revealed at the end of Season 38, episode 7, CBS presented scenes from next week. That included a conversation between the two guys that each had held half of a Hidden Immunity Idol at the last Tribal Council. Then, host Jeff Probst narrated over a scene from the next 12-person Individual Immunity Challenge.

Probst narrated that viewers should “prepare for a crash.” Then, on screen, the camera zooms in on a block while Probst can be heard saying “medical.” As several castaways are shown either gasping or asking what just happened, someone from the medical staff is asking one of them, “can you hear me?”

There could be more Survivor spoilers that come out in the next few days in regard to the next episode. That might give a better hint at who gets hurt on Survivor. As it stands, though, CBS isn’t publically giving away any information about who that could end up being. It could be a hot topic, but it also suggests viewers won’t want to miss the April 3 episode.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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