When is Wu-Tang: An American Saga’s next episode going to come on Hulu?

ashton sanders as bobby diggs aka rza on wu tang an american saga
Ashton Sanders as Bobby Diggs aka RZA on Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Pic credit: Hulu

The new series Wu-Tang: An American Saga has been an early hit among viewers after four episodes on Hulu. The show provides an account of the group’s formation and their rise to fame based on their early struggles in New York.

With each new episode, it has viewers also questioning which parts are true to the real story and and which are fictionalized.

That’s led to plenty of anticipation for the next part of the Wu-Tang series. Here are more details about the upcoming episodes.

What is Wu-Tang: An American Saga’s next episode?

So far, there have been four episodes of the Wu-Tang Hulu series, each with a different director at the helm. The most recent of those was “All That I Got is You,” which premiered on Wednesday, September 11. Tara Nicole Weyr directed the episode.

That fourth installment in the series has seen some interesting developments including Raekwon seeming to come around to get on the same page with Bobby. It also appears Bobby’s brother Divine may be closer to becoming a free man. However, Dennis aka Ghostface looks like he is still debating his life of crime versus music.

When is the next episode of Wu-Tang: An American Saga on?

Unlike shows on Netflix or Amazon, the episodes of most Hulu shows don’t all arrive at once. With some exceptions, they are released in weekly installments. The first three episodes of the Wu-Tang series dropped a few weeks ago on Hulu, while Episode 4 was available just last week. The first four episodes are now available to view on Hulu.

The new Wu-Tang: An American Saga Episode 5 will officially release on Hulu on Wednesday, September 18. It’s titled, “Cold War” and is directed by Jet Wilkinson.

So far, the previous episodes all had Wu-Tang Clan song titles including Episode 2 which was “Winter Warz,” but this one isn’t referencing a specific Wu song. There is a song by GZA called “Cold World,” though.

Watch new episodes of Wu-Tang: An American Saga on Hulu on Wednesdays at approximately 12 a.m. Eastern Time (11 p.m. Central Time).

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