When is Outlander returning? Season 4 release date, trailer and other details

Claire and Jamie from Outlander on Starz
Are you ready to see more of Claire and Jamie on Season 4 of Outlander? Pic credit: Starz

Outlander fans are more than ready for their favorite Starz series to return. The Season 4 premiere date is set, and now, all we have to do is make it to November.

Back in May, we learned that Outlander was renewed for two more seasons beyond the already approved Season 4. That means fans can look forward to 13 new episodes of the Ron Moore drama when Outlander returns in November. Then, there are definitely 24 more episodes coming up with the greenlit seasons five and six. Each of the future seasons will be 12 episodes long.

The Hollywood Reporter pointed out that the latest Outlander renewal accounts for the shortest seasons in the history of the Outlander series. Starz got viewers hooked in the first season with 16 episodes, then the series was cut down to 13 episodes for Seasons 2 through 4.


So, what can fans expect when Outlander returns in November? Outlander Season 4 spoilers reveal that the first time Jamie (Sam Heughen) met his daughter, Brianna (Sophie Skelton), will be revealed this season. According to Express, there is a theory that the meeting will be shown mid-season in an episode aptly titled Blood of My Blood.

Claire (Catriona Balfe) and Jamie will also begin to settle down in North Carolina, as teased by the first episode titled America the Beautiful. While the pair is able to enjoy their freedom in the new land, they also face more danger than ever before.

As Outlander shifts locations to focus on Claire and Jamie in America, the Scottish filmed drama will be changing a bit in tone.

“There’s elements of Little House on the Prairie with elements of the frontier and wilderness,” Ron Moore told The Hollywood Reporter. “We’re there at a time of tumult in the American colonies, there’s slavery in the South, there are American Indians on the frontier, there’s a rebellion that will blossom into the American Revolution, and they land smack-dab in the middle of all of this.”

In addition to Claire and Jamie reuniting and building a new life together, Season 4 will be bringing a new villain. Jamie killed Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies), so there’s room to bring in another antagonist.

According to Moore, it will be Bonnet, played by Ed Speleers.

“People are going to hate him. He’s so charming, so you kind of like him, but you find out later down the line that he does some really terrible things. He’s a great new villain,” Sam Heughan said of his new adversary.

Aside from those few spoilers and a bit of guesswork by fans who have read the book, it looks like much of the Season 4 Outlander storyline may be a bit of a surprise. With six more books left in Diana Gabaldon’s time-traveling series, don’t be too surprised if the Starz series shakes things up by changing enough of what readers already know to keep Outlander interesting for everyone.

Season 4 of Outlander premieres on Sunday, November 4 at 8/7c on Starz. 

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