When is Hell’s Kitchen season premiere? Season 18 cast is rookies vs veterans

Gordon Ramsay on Hell's Kitchen Season 18
Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen Season 18, the season premiere of which is nearly upon us. Pic credit: FOX

The Hell’s Kitchen season premiere has nearly arrived on FOX. The Season 18 cast will consist of rookies and veterans, which is where the theme for the season comes in to play.

The eight rookies will be on one team and they are new contestants to the show. The other team will have eight veterans. Each of the veterans has appeared on the show before, but they all came up short.

Hell’s Kitchen veterans

There are some familiar names in the group. Season 6 runner-up Kevin Cottle might be very recognizable to fans. Meanwhile, Heather Williams, who was the runner-up in Season 16, is a more recent contestant that viewers will immediately notice.

For die-hard fans of the show, each of the eight Hell’s Kitchen veterans will bring familiarity to the show. But can they out-cook the crop of eight rookies that also want to win the series?

When is Hell’s Kitchen season premiere date

The Hell’s Kitchen season premiere is slated for Friday, September 28. Each Friday, FOX will air a new episode of the show at 9/8c.

The twist of having rookies against veterans will get revealed during the first episode. There will also be men and women on each team, which changes things up a bit from past seasons of Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas Restaurant
The Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas restaurant. Pic credit: Ryan DeVault

Cash prize and ultimate job on the line

The prize for getting named the Hell’s Kitchen winner is $250,000. It doesn’t end there, though, as the winner will also become the Head Chef at the Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. It’s a big deal and a highly coveted job.

Hell’s Kitchen airs every Friday on FOX at 9/8c.

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