When does The Walking Dead return for Season 9 on AMC?

The Walking Dead Season 9 premiere teaser
The Walking Dead Season 9 premiere teaser. Pic credit: AMC

The Walking Dead return is nearly ready for AMC and its viewers. It has seemed like a non-stop promotional tour for Season 9, with quite a few preview variations placed online.

A lot of characters were left in the lurch at the end of Season 8, despite the fact that Neegan had just been defeated. Neegan is now imprisoned, but Rick and Maggie aren’t seeing eye-to-eye any longer. That is going to be a focal point when Season 9 begins.

When does The Walking Dead return?

Season 9 of The Walking Dead premieres on Sunday, October 7. It is the beginning of six straight weeks that will bring the show back to AMC viewers.

It’s also the final story arcs for Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln), who will be leaving the show very soon. The first episode begins at 9/8c and is roughly 90 minutes in length.

New threats for Rick Grimes and his followers?

There are a lot of directions that the show can go in Season 9, but it is the worst kept secret in television that Rick Grimes heading toward his death. As the first episode airs on AMC, there are going to be even more rumors about what might happen to the character.

Additionally, Lauren Cohan might also be working on her final episodes of the show. She has a new job on another network, and if that show takes off, then she too may be done with her role of Maggie.

That would leave the show in the hands of Norman Reedus, who has played Daryl Dixon since the beginning.

The Walking Dead return for Season 9 on AMC all takes place on the night of October 7. That provides a week for viewers to re-watch Season 8 or catch up on any of the characters that died while trying to defeat Neegan.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC this fall.

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