When does Empire come back on in 2019?

Taraji P. Hensen as Cookie Lyon on Empire
Empire fans are ready for more Cookie Lyon on their screens. Pic credit: FOX

Season 5 of Empire has already aired the first half of the season, which went on hiatus back in December. Now, FOX viewers are anxiously waiting for the return of Cookie and Lucious Lyon so we can finally get some answers.

FOX ordered 18 episodes of Empire for season 5 and we’ve already seen nine of them prior to the fall season finale. Now, with nine left to go, viewers are getting antsy.

There have been a few Empire spoilers hinting that even more surprises are coming in the second half of the season, giving us even more to look forward to.

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After Kai exposed Empire in an effort to take them down, Lucious discovered that Kingsley was actually his son. Now, with the Lyon family fighting against an actual family member who hates Lucious and wants to destroy him, they have even more drama to deal with.

Then, with Giselle offering Empire back to Lucious with a catch — her as a partner — the Lyons have a lot of decisions to make. Lucious said he’ll think about it but Cookie was happy with LFM and didn’t see why they couldn’t just run the label and manage the artists from there.

Of course, these aren’t the only Empire storylines that viewers are waiting to see continue. There’s also the Hakeem and Tiana breakup and whether they can successfully co-parent after realizing that they just can’t be together.

Not to mention the likely split of Kai and Jamal after Kai reveals his opportunity to move to London. Kai is questioning everything after Jamal asks him to squash a story that could be harmful to his father.

Of course, there is always a cliffhanger and the season 5 fall finale did not disappoint. At the end of the episode, we were left wondering if Andre would live or die after he was seen being wheeled into the hospital on a stretcher after a brief time lapse.

It’s still not clear if Kingsley is behind Andre’s emergency but the two did threaten to end each other when Kingsley crashed the LFM showcase and announced to everyone there that Lucious was his dad.

The bad news is that FOX still has not shared the return date for season 5 yet. Based on the season 4 return after the fall finale, viewers may have to be patient since the series didn’t come back until the end of March.

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