When does Chicago Fire return to NBC? Watch the Season 7 episode 10 sneak peek

Jesse Spencer as Casey on the Chicago Fire cast
Jesse Spencer as Casey on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: NBC

The fall finale left the Chicago Fire cast in a huge cliffhanger. Most of the episode focused on Chloe (played by Kristen Gutoskie), who was in a huge car accident. Cruz (Joe Minoso) and Station 51 raced her to the hospital and hoped for the best.

While Chloe awoke from her accident, and Cruz got to meet her parents, that’s not where the episode came to a close. Instead, Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Naomi (Kate Villanova), are shown in bed following a date.

Casey opened the bedroom door, only to be confronted by a wall of fire. That scene is shown below.

When does Chicago Fire return to NBC?

After the fall finale cliffhanger, a lot of viewers want to know when is Chicago Fire on again. The answer to that question has been revealed by NBC. Chicago Fire will return to NBC on Wednesday, January 9. That’s roughly four weeks for fans to wait, but at least it is on the schedule.

Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 10 promo

More good news is that NBC has already revealed the promo for the next episode. The short promo is now available for consumption, giving some hints about what is going to be covered in the first midseason episode. It is shown in the video below.

The narrator makes it sound like this is going to be a very dramatic episode of the show. He states that viewers should, “Get ready for the episode that changes everything.”

Will Casey and Naomi survive this fire? Was it the family that Naomi investigated that set the fire in order to try to murder the duo? Viewers will find out when Chicago Fire returns to NBC on Wednesday, January 9.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on NBC.