When does Charmed return to The CW in 2019?

Nick Hargrove and Sarah Jeffery as Parker and Maggie on Charmed
Will Parker and Maggie be able to reconnect when Charmed returns? Pic credit: The CW Network

Charmed received quite a mixed reaction when viewers learned the popular series was being rebooted with a different twist. Now that the first nine episodes have aired, a fan base has begun to develop. The show is on hiatus for winter break, but when will Charmed return in 2019?

The winter finale of Charmed was intense. Things came to a head when it was revealed that Maggie’s (Sarah Jeffrey) boyfriend, Parker (Nick Hargrove) was part demon.

His brother, Hunter (Constantine Rousouli) was determined to hurt the sisters, and at the end he was thrown into the underworld. Unfortunately, he was hanging on to Harry (Rupert Evans) who was also banished to the underworld.

When does Charmed return?

The winter finale ended with a cliffhanger regarding Harry’s fate. Will he be able to survive, and will the Charmed ones be able to bring him back unscathed? Charmed returns to the CW on January 20 to finish out the remainder of Season 1.

Now, the sisters are left wondering how to save Harry from the underworld that Hunter dragged him into as collateral damage. They call on Charity (Virginia Williams) to help save their whitelighter. It looks like there is going to be some serious work involved as previews showed that no one knows quite what to do in this situation.

Is Rupert Evans leaving Charmed?

There has been some speculation that Rupert Evans could be leaving Charmed based on the events of the winter finale. That looks like it is only hype as the second half of the season appears to have him as a part of it. When the show picks back up in January, the sisters will be doing everything they can to save their whitelighter and friend.

Charmed returns on Sunday, January 20, at 9/8c on The CW Network.

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