When Calls the Heart actors speak out about Lori Loughlin scandal putting them in ‘tough spot’

When Calls the Heart actors speak out about Lori Loughlin scandal putting them in 'tough spot'
Andrea Brooks and Paul Greene on the set of When Calls the Heart. Pic credit: Hallmark Channel.

Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart is currently on a creative hiatus after Lori Loughlin’s college admission scandal was made public.

Now that Loughlin isn’t working with Hallmark anymore, they are looking for the best route in continuing season six and moving on to the future.

Fans are just now starting to hear from other cast members about the way that Loughlin’s scandal impacted them — as well as the fans.

Paul Greene opens up on Twitter

Paul Greene plays Carson Shepherd on When Calls the Heart. His character tends to open up and be a bit softhearted, perhaps a trait that Greene has himself.

He posted on his Twitter account earlier this week to thank fans for all of their support during this “tough spot.”

Although Greene has been pretty quiet about When Calls the Heart ever since posting this tweet, he has made a couple of additional comments about the appreciated support of the Hearties.

Paul Greene’s co-star, Andrea Brooks, had something to say about the situation as well.

Andrea Brooks thanks fans for support

Andrea Brooks plays the role of Faith Carter on When Calls the Heart, Carson Shepherd’s romantic interest.

Brooks posted an endearing and appreciative post on her Instagram page this week, telling Hearties how much she appreciated them as well.

Andrea Brooks and Paul Greene may have conspired together when voicing their support, but their announcements still appear to be totally genuine. The two have a close friendship in Hope Valley as well as in the real world.

Many fans are wondering when exactly we’ll get to see Faith and Carson on television again.

When will When Calls the Heart return?

When Calls the Heart fans have been extremely patient during this time but will need to be patient a little longer.

There has been no official announcement from Hallmark as to when the rest of season six will begin airing on television. All fans know for sure is that the episodes are being retooled and edited to continue the rest of the season without a hitch.

Keep hanging in there, Hearties! When Calls the Heart will hopefully return soon, especially since we have a new Mountie to meet.

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