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What on Earth? Strange carvings in The Outback and green lights in the Gulf of Thailand

Gulf of Thailand
What are these weird green lights seen in the Gulf of Thailand

What on Earth? looks at strange Aboriginal Australian carvings and weird green lights that can be seen from the ISS.

Aboriginal Australians are amongst the oldest continuous human cultures on Earth and some of their art is spectacular.

Their legends speak of Dreamtime and powerful ancestral characters and they painted and carved these all over Australia’s outback.

Some of these carving are of some very strange creatures indeed, the show investigates one of the weirdest.

Also on this week’s show astronaut Reid Wiseman took some stunning pictures from the ISS, including one of Bangkok and Gulf of Thailand.

The unsuual thing in the photo was green light all around the city. Speculation was that it could be bioluminescent plankton,  nuclear waste or even unnkown creatures..

However, NASA and social media commenters worked out it was something rather more mundane but still rather cool.
Catch What on Earth? – Mystery in the Outback at 9PM on Science Channel. 

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