What is Aaron Kaufman doing now? From F-100s to YouTube, Fast N’ Loud star’s been enjoying life

Aaron Kaufman on The Lowlife Show
Aaron Kaufman, who left Gas Monkey at the end of last season, hosting The Lowlife Show on YouTube

Fans were left stunned when Aaron Kaufman left Fast N’ Loud and Gas Monkey Garage at the end of last season to pursue new solo ventures.

But what has the bearded auto guru been up to since parting ways with Richard Rawlings?

While Rawlings is currently hosting Garage Rehab on Discovery, Kaufman has shied away from the smallscreen so far — although he has been hosting a new web series.

After leaving Gas Monkey, Kaufman set up a new company called Arclight Fab.

The fabrication shop focuses on early model (1957-1979) Fords, the trucks which are closest to his heart, both doing builds and creating parts which are hard to find.

He previously told how the move away from television would also allow him to spend more time working on vehicles, rather than being under the pressure of extreme deadlines that filming a TV show brings.

But fans will probably be most happy to hear about him dabbling as a host on YouTube, making his debut in a video series called The Lowlife Show.

The series has only aired two episodes so far, with Kaufman hosting the second, which included behind-the-scenes footage from some of his work at Gas Monkey.

But he also filmed a separate video for them explaining what he’s been doing with Arclight and what he hopes to do in the future for the early model F-100 scene.

With his natural screen presence, fans can only hope that Kaufman starts spending more time in front of the camera.

Other than his fabrication work and the YouTube series, he’s also been spending time with his stunning girlfriend Lauren and their dog Lola.

And he’s also been making time for fun with the boys.

So, basically, just enjoying life and doing what he loves. And you know what? Good on him.

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