What happens to Young Ian on Outlander?

Outlander season 4 finale
Young Ian made a life-changing decision on the Season 4 finale of Outlander. Pic credit: STARZ

The Season 4 finale of Outlander is available to stream on Starz and it was a shocker! Claire, Jamie and Young Ian finally made it up to the Mohawk tribe that Roger was sold to, only to run into some trouble getting him back.

After the Mohawks noticed Claire’s necklace, they got upset and refused to trade with the group at all, dashing their hopes of getting Roger safely back to Brianna.

Claire tries to trade with the Mohawk, who then see her necklace
Claire tries to make a trade with the Mohawk until they see her Otter’s Tooth necklace. Pic credit: STARZ

When the group was banished from the Mohawk land, they caught a break when one of the tribe’s women explained why Claire’s necklace earned such a reaction, finally answering questions about a vision she saw earlier in the season.

Then, with the promise that she would keep the necklace to herself, the woman and those with her helped Claire, Jamie and Young Ian break back into the Mohawk camp with a plan to sneak Roger out.

Of course, that didn’t work and everyone ended up getting caught. But when they sat in front of the chief to be judged, he decided not to punish the group before refusing to trade with them.

That’s when Jamie gets a crazy idea to offer himself up in exchange for Roger, hoping to finally make up for mistakenly beating him nearly to death before sending him away. The problem was, their interpreter was Young Ian, who offered up himself instead of Jamie.

Young Ian with Claire and Jamie in the woods on Outlander
Young Ian helped Claire and Jamie find the Mohawk. Pic credit: STARZ

So as Claire and Jamie were saying their goodbyes, it was actually Young Ian who the tribe wanted in exchange. All involved were sad about the exchange, but Ian warned Jamie to never come back and seemed set in his choice to live among the tribe.

After Jamie and Claire left, Young Ian was initiated into the tribe and actually managed to make it down the tunnel of tribe members during an initiation ritual and when he made it to the end, they declare that he will live as one of them.

This made Young Ian happy and he truly looked excited to be a part of the Mohawk tribe. Now, he is living among them after Jamie, Claire and Roger returned to River Run to check on Jocasta and get Brianna.

Outlander airs on Sundays at 8/7c on STARZ.

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