What happened to Jenna from Southern Charm and where is she today?

Jenna appeared on Season 1 of Southern Charm. Pic credit: Bravo

Jenna King appeared on Season 1 of Southern Charm but left the show because she wanted to move to Los Angeles and do something outside of her native South Carolina.

Fans remember her for being unconventional, as she rocked her mohawk and her raw style in conservative Charleston.

When Jenna was on Southern Charm, she was accused of having a sugar daddy, as she was dating Lou Ceruzzi. However, he sadly passed away in 2017 after she had left the show. He denied being her sugar daddy. They were not together at the time of his death.

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More recently, it appears that Jenna has left men behind. Her Instagram reveals that she’s been dating her Brazilian girlfriend, Janaina Devieira, and even calls Janaina her “wifey.”

It appears that Jenna is still living in California. Her Instagram shows photos of her on the beach and her Instagram Stories from yesterday reveal she’s in Beverly Hills.

Back in 2015, Jenna King decided to get Elite Body Sculpture and in an interview with The Insider, she revealed that she was now a size 00.

Elite Body Sculpture Featured on The Insider | Review of Airsculpt®

Jenna continues to have wacky hairstyles that fans of Southern Charm love and adore. And she still has a love of dogs, as you can find her adorable dog named Rat on her Instagram.

But King appears to hold her cards close when it comes to her private life. Jenna isn’t a frequent poster on Instagram, and she hasn’t revealed what she does for a living. On Southern Charm, she wanted to launch a sunglasses line, but it appears to remain a dream for her.

After Jenna was on Southern Charm, it was reported that she had lived a lie on the show. Daily Mail reports that she claimed she owned her upscale Charleston house, but she was just staying there using it as an alleged “backdrop.” Apparently, she never lived there or owned it.

The report also claims that she took money from Lou to fuel her lifestyle while filming the show. When the show was over, she ditched Charleston for Los Angeles without explaining how she managed to pay for everything. While her co-stars at the time asked her about her home, she played coy and said she could afford it with her bank account.

Southern Charm airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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