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What happened to Dom on NCIS: Los Angeles?

NCIS agent Dominic Vail, played by Adam Jamal Craig, on NCIS: Los Angels Season 1
NCIS agent Dominic Vail, played by Adam Jamal Craig, on NCIS: Los Angels Season 1. Pic credit: CBS

Agent Dom Vail was on Season 1 of NCIS: Los Angeles — but didn’t make it out alive.

Played by actor Adam Jamal Craig, he appeared in 15 episodes of the show. Craig’s acting credits also include smaller roles on shows like Heroes, Crossing Jordan, and Las Vegas.

What happened to Dom on NCIS: Los Angeles?

Agent Dominic Vail was originally partnered with Kensi Blye, who has been played by actress Daniela Ruah for years. He was a rookie agent at the time the show began and would end up being the unfortunate center of an episode arc.

Dom was kidnapped, with the team left shocked when they learned he was missing. They were able to track down his location, but during the rescue attempt Dom gave his life to save that of Sam.

In that fateful episode, a gunfight broke out on a rooftop, with Sam right in the line of fire. Dom sacrificed himself to save Sam, leaving the team stunned about what had just taken place.

What happened after Dom left NCIS: Los Angeles?

The loss of Dom left an opening on the team, which would soon be filled by LAPD Detective Marty Deeks. Actor Eric Christian Olsen plays Deeks and has remained on the show ever since that debut.

When Deeks first appeared, as shown in the video below, he was still working as an undercover operative for the LAPD. This turned out to be a really valuable set of skills that would translate well to his time with NCIS.

Currently, Deeks and Kensi are engaged to be married, which has provided several substories about how they are planning for that wedding.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sunday night at 9/8c on CBS.

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