What happened to Buddy Bell on My Big Fat Fabulous Life? Welfare fears grow

Whitney Thore and Buddy Bell from My Big Fat Fabulous Life
Whitney on last night’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life and, inset, Buddy at the reunion last year

Fears were growing over My Big Fat Fabulous Life Buddy Bell’s welfare on last night’s episode — after he failed to return home for nearly a week, with suggestions he could be in financial trouble.

Buddy stormed out of last year’s season finale after being quizzed over his finances. And last night My Big Fat Fab Life star Whitney Thore speculated that he may be in some sort of financial trouble.

It came after Whitney, who is Buddy’s landlord, revealed he had not paid her rent in several months. She said: “The truth is Buddy hasn’t paid me rent in I don’t even know how many months — I literally can’t count.

“Clearly he has a lot of financial issues, so does he owe other people money too? You know, is he in some sort of trouble?”

Both she and and Buddy’s on-off girlfriend Heather became concerned after not hearing for Buddy for several days. When they went to investigate his bedroom, they found it far more tidy than usual and stripped of many of his belongings.

Whitney said she had called him around 20 times with no answer, and because his voicemail was full she was unable to leave him a message.

She said: “Obviously something is going on. I have no idea what it is but it could be big, it could be scary.”

Whitney also suggested he might be with another woman. However, a sneak peek for next week’s episode saw Whitney having a conversation with Buddy’s parents about his disappearance, with his mom saying: “I have something to tell you — it’s not good news.”

Whitney was then filmed in tears, saying: “If something awful has happened to him, I am never going to forgive myself.”

Whitney said in last night’s post-episode rundown: “Basically I was just scared…I thought maybe Buddy had been depressed, or just like really going through something. I didn’t know what to think.”

It has not yet been confirmed what exactly happened to Buddy, who was once arrested for assault, however it will be revealed next week on an episode titled Buddy’s Big Secret — the description of which says Whitney uncovers “the harsh truth” during the conversation with his parents.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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