What does Kody from Sister Wives do for a living?

What does Kody from Sister Wives do for a living?
Kody Brown earns money from his TLC show and other business. Pic credit: TLC

What does Kody from Sister Wives do for a living?

This is the $64 question. While watching the new series and seeing how Kody is bellyaching a bit from Meri’s bid to be a bed and breakfast owner, he describes his business in entrepreneurial vagueries and broad strokes.

“Salesman” is the most common response when we researched the profession of Kody Brown online, but salesman of what?

We know the sister wives work, and Meri is the proprietor of a Utah-based bed and breakfast. Janelle is a fitness and nutrition coach, and Robyn also sells things along with her partners and sister wives too.

But Kody is a mystery wrapped in an enigma topped with a Guy Fieri-esque mop of blonde highlights and untamed style and fury.

His CV is even less structured or evident to viewers.

We went into the way-back machine for our transcript from the television critics association summer press tour from 2010, and we revisited a few questions asked of the cast of Sister Wives pertaining especially to income. They were presenting for the first time on a TLC panel at the press tour.

[August 6, 2010]
TLC is adding to its family of shows with today’s panel. It’s a raw, honest look at a hidden lifestyle, plural marriage. This is a way of life for approximately 40,000 Americans, but it’s never been explored in this very honest, real, and authentic way. The Brown family is sharing their story with us in our new series “Sister Wives,”

TV Critic question: You have to realize that most of us, all we know about this is from watching the show “Big Love,” which has some comparisons here. So I wanted to ask you a couple things about that because, in “Big Love,” we see separate houses, and the man moves from house to house alongside of each other. And I want to know if you all live in one house. And in that show, the guy has a substantial income because he’s a wealthy merchant. Do you guys all work, or how do you work the income of this complicated 5 adults and 13 kids?

CHRISTINE: Well, like every other American family, it
just takes everything that we’ve got.

ROBYN: Yeah.

JANELLE: Everything.

KODY: We do have one home. We all — I’m sorry.


KODY: We are in one home, but you’ll see in Sister Wives how we grow.

ROBYN: Right, and how we are all in one home. There’s three in one home with separate apartments, and then I’m separate right now, and we are hoping to be all in one home at one point.

TV Critic question: Okay. And as far as the income, do all of you have — work at some point, or how many people make incomes, then?

MERI: At this point, three of us are working.


ROBYN: And that’s pretty normal.

TV Critic Question: I’m just wondering. Can you tell me who works outside the home? Is it just Kody?


JANELLE: I work outside the home and Meri.

QUESTION: And what kind of jobs do you guys have?

JANELLE: I’m a bureaucrat.

KODY: And Meri?

MERI: I’m in the mental health industry.

KODY: I’m in advertising..

And for those who really wish to deep dive on the finances and vocation of Kody Brown, celeb gossip Radaronline has a slew of court documents and catfishing gotchas that are pretty scandalous:

Based on those alleged amounts, the Browns are collectively doing very well with income just from TLC.

Which is great news as we learned Janelle and Kody are about to have another grandchild:

Sister Wives airs Sundays on TLC.

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