What are the Grigori on Supernatural?

Jack gets captured by the last of the Grigori on Supernatural. Pic credit: The CW
Jack gets captured by the last of the Grigori on Supernatural. Pic credit: The CW

This week’s new episode of Supernatural saw the return of Jack as he hunts down the last remaining Grigori and eats their heart.

Don’t remember the Grigori? Here’s a reminder.

The Grigori on Supernatural

If you don’t remember the Supernatural lore concerning the Grigori, don’t worry. You’re not the only one.

The Grigori were briefly introduced in a Season 10 episode called Angel Heart and were pretty much never mentioned again. Here’s the lowdown.

The Grigori are explained to be an ancient race of powerful angels and the first angels to walk on Earth. They were sent by God/Chuck to watch over humanity, but after an eternity of guardianship decided to go rogue and began feeding off human souls.

While they did continue to watch over humanity and do some good, they would hold captive the lost souls who wouldn’t be missed and continued to feed on them over the course of years.

Angel Heart introduced the Grigori as the monsters who kidnapped Claire Novak’s mother Amelia, making her daughter believe that she had been abandoned. And, in case you forgot this also, Claire and Amelia Novak are the family of Castiel’s host, Jimmy Novak. 

Lumiel, one of the few remaining Grigori, had kidnapped Amelia Novak two years previously and had been holding her in a dream state as he slowly fed off her soul.

Sam, Dean, and Cass helped Claire find her mother and free her from Lumiel. Amelia sacrificed herself to save Claire and Claire killed Lumiel in revenge. 

The Grigori brought the Supernatural family closer together.

In The Gamblers, according to the Grigori that takes Jack prisoner, he is the last of his kind. This makes the Grigori officially extinct once Cass kills him. They are distinctive from ordinary angels because they carry a powerful Angel Sword with their names inscribed on the hilt. This is how Cass recognized that Jack was killing Grigori and not ordinary humans.   

Jack had been hunting down the last remaining Grigori in order to gain strength from eating their hearts. Billie/Death released Jack from the Empty and sent him out on this mission, although what exactly her plan to kill God might be is unclear. We only know that God is afraid of Jack and that Jack could potentially kill him.  

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