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Watch the first episode of 12 Monkeys Season 2 online now


Syfy have posted the first episode of 12 Monkeys Season 2 online in its entirety – two weeks ahead of its official release.

They also put the first two minutes of the second season on YouTube, for those who can’t access the Syfy site.

Season 2 premieres on April 18, and the first two minutes look back at the events leading up to where it kicks off.

The YouTube clip features the voice of Madeleine Stowe, who starred in the original 1995 12 Monkeys film and makes a guest appearance in the new series as Lillian.

Recalling previous events, she begins: “I want to tell you a story about how the world ends, and a man from the future sent back through time to stop it. Here in the present day he uncovered a conspiracy; men in the shadows who sought to release a plague. They call themselves ‘The Army of the 12 Monkeys’.”

12 Monkeys stars Aaron Stanford as James Cole, who travels back in time to try and save the human race, Amanda Schull as virologist Dr Cassie Railly, and Kirk Acevedo as Cole’s closest friend José Ramse.

You can watch the enitire first episode, titled Year of The Monkey, for free on the Syfy website.

12 Monkeys Season 2 starts at 9pm on Monday, April 18, on Syfy.