Watch the Big Brother Analyse interview: Extended version includes goodbye messages from BB21 cast

Analyse Big Brother Exit Interview
Analyse Talavera extended exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Big Brother extended interview for Analyse was made available by CBS late Thursday evening. Analyse Talavera was evicted by the BB21 cast during the latest episode, leading to her meeting host Julie Chen Moonves on stage.

In a shocking twist during the episode, it was Analyse who got evicted instead of Christie Murphy. Jackson Michie was the Head of Household and had kept stating that Christie was his target. That changed in a big way.

After Analyse got evicted 0n a 5-1 vote by her fellow BB21 cast members, she sat down with Julie to go over what had just happened. There was a brief interview during the August 22 episode, but they continued it later.

Below is the full version of the Big Brother extended interview for Analyse, where she states that Nick Maccarone may be playing the best game in the house. She also discusses her showmance with Jack Matthews.

Analyse gives her Big Brother exit interview

At the end of her interview with Julie, Analyse got to listen to the goodbye messages from the people left in the house. She definitely received a lot of love in the messages, but she didn’t take a number of them very well.

Nick talked about how guilty he felt that Michie had changed course during the week and then Cliff Hogg apologized because he had made a deal to go with what how HOH wanted him to vote this week.

Analyse started breaking down when she saw the message from Tommy Bracco, but it could be interesting to see how she feels when she finds out that Tommy knows Christie outside of the house.

Now, Analyse heads off to join Jack Matthews and Kathryn Dunn in the BB21 jury house. Kathryn taped a video that can be seen below after she was evicted from the game.

Moving forward, fans have a big way to impact the game, as the America’s Prankster twist is about to take place. Fans can follow this link for instructions on how to take part in the huge vote. But vote soon, as America’s Vote only runs for about 15 hours total.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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