Watch our exclusive Gold Rush: White Water clip as Fred and Dustin try to tame a raging torrent!

Gold Rush: White Water
Gold Rush: White Water sees the guys tackling a very tricky part of the creek

This week on Discovery’s Gold Rush: White Water, that first gold nugget looks promising but searching for gold in raging torrents like McKinley Creek is never easy.

The plan is to fix the beam to the sides of the creek, holding it in place with a pole and a cable under tension. Next the planks will be slotted in, all the way down the bed of the river.

The aim of this diversion is to stop any boulders coming down the creek and create a calm area where they can dredge in peace.

Gold Rush: White Water plan for creek diversion graphic
This graphic shows how the creek diversion will work and help them dredge the calmed area

As Fred explains: “You just can’t work in that waterfall, the current is just too vicious.”

He prepares all the materials for a helicopter lift up to the creek and he’s pretty confident that it will eliminate about 90% of the current where they want to work.

However, working with a 440lb modified construction beam on a small bridge over a raging creek is never safe and getting it fixed to the creek wall is no easy task.

When Dustin ends up in the dangerous part of the current a boulder swept down by the torrent nearly kills him!

Gold Rush: White Water airs on Fridays at 10:01 PM on Discovery Channel.

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