Watch moment ugly fight erupts between Adam and Wes on Below Deck Mediterranean

Adam filming a red-faced Wes in a public square in Dubrovnik on Below Deck Mediterranean
Adam grins as he films an enraged Wes before things get ugly on Below Deck Mediterranean

Last night’s Below Deck Mediterranean ended on an immense cliff-hanger as Adam Glick and Wes Walton erupted in a huge fight in a public square in Dubrovnik — and here’s your chance to relive it all again.

Earlier in the episode Adam awkwardly confronted Wes and the woman at the center of their love triangle, Malia White, with Adam saying she has played him “like a flute”.

He then revealed text messages from Malia talking about “sneaking into a hotel room” on their last night in Croatia, which she sent him on exactly the same night she kissed Wes on anchor watch.

But then during a day out in Croatia’s historic capital, Adam ended up drinking too much and things got messy as he and Wes came to blows in a public square.

In the footage, shocked onlookers watch as Wes shoves Adam first in the head and then in the shoulder.

The fight starts after Adam tries to give Wes a wedgie, before Wes tells Bugsy Drake: “He just ripped my f***ing pants.”

Footage from afar of Wes and Adam fighting
Wes shoves Adam in the head with Adam still holding on to his underwear
Wes talking to Bugsy as Adam and another person film him from behind
Wes tells Bugsy how Adam ripped his underwear, as Adam grins and films him from behind

Adam carries on antagonizing Wes by grinning and laughing at him and appearing to film him or take pictures. He says: “Smile! Smile there, big guy.”

But things then take a quick turn south when Wes smacks Adam’s smartphone out of his hands. He turns away as Adam says: “Oh yeah, you getting all f***ing intense?”

Wes hitting the smartphone out of grinning Adam's hands
Wes hits the smartphone out of Adam’s hands, as Adam continues to grin

Adam then hits Wes over the back of the head with an open hand, as chief stew Hannah Ferrier tries to usher Wes away, telling Adam: “No, no, no, no, no!”

Hannah holding Wes as Adam hits him on the back of the head
Hannah tries to usher Wes away as Adam takes a swing at his head from behind

Bobby Giancola puts a hand on Adam’s chest to hold him back before a fuming Wes turns around and appears to start to walk back towards Adam, before the footage cuts to the “to be continued…” cliffhanger.

A red-faced Wes with a hand on his chest
An enraged Wes starts to walk back to Adam as the others try to hold him back

Watch the full ugly moment unfold below, which includes interview s with Wes where he describes Adam’s drunken behavoir as “embarrassing” and “obnoxious”.

Whose side are you on? Let us know in the comments below.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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