Watch both John Malkovich Super Bowl 2017 commercials for Squarespace

John Malkovich trying to register in the 2017 Super Bowl Squarespace commercial
John Malkovich trying to register his site in the 2017 Super Bowl Squarespace commercial

The prize for the most giggle-inducing 2017 Super Bowl commercials probably has to go to website hosting firm Squarespace — for their genius spots featuring John Malkovich.

Watch the full commercials below which features the actor getting himself all hot and bothered as he tries to register the internet domain to use for his new menswear line (actually a real thing).

The first ad is filmed from the perspective of the computer screen as Malcovich — who launched his new self-branded range on January 3 — tries to buy the domain but finds it’s already in use.

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He asks a woman behind him: “How is it that is taken?”

She tells him someone has already taken it, but Malkovich says: “But I’m him. The collection is called John Malkovich.”

He adds: “I really am him. There is a film about me being me.”

He then visits the domain to find it taken by a fishing site — much to Malkovich’s consternation.

The most hilarious moment comes when Malkovich sees the site for the first time, bursting out in outrage: “What the f**k is going on?! How the f**k can you be John Malkovich.”

He then writes the “other” Mr Malkovich an threatening email saying: “What the f**k is going on?!” — before the Squarespace logo and the tagline “Get your domain before it’s gone” appears on the screen.

The second ad takes off where the first left off, with Malkovich telephoning his rival.

He says: “So do you think when people go on your site that they’re actually looking for you, or for my cousin? Or maybe, maybe they’re looking for me?”

He then loses it, yelling: “Get out of my name! How can you be John Malkovich? How?!”

But it all ends well in real life, as Malkovich does indeed now hold the domain for his new menswear line — with the website hosted by…Squarespace.

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