Wacky Worm Racing Game: Where can you buy hilarious game from ABC’s The Toy Shop?

Cedric A. Byrd, inventor of the Wacky Worm Racing Game, on ABC’s The Toy Box

On ABC’s brand-new series The Toy Box tonight, we meet inventor Cedric A. Byrd — who introduces us to his hilarious invention, the Wacky Worm Racing Game.

The Wacky Worm Racing Game is based on the familiar sack race, only in this game you’re tucked inside a giant worm suit!

The game comes with a worm suit (and there are suits available for kids and for adults), a plastic track to race on, and a spinner that gives players plenty of racing “techniques” to pick from.

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It’s a game for 2-4 players, with each player having to “wiggle” along the 12ft track using a specific technique. First worm to cross the finish line wins!

You can’t buy the game in stores yet but Cedric has set up a crowdfunding page for the game on Kickstarter, and you can get the game and the suits by helping him fund his invention on the site.

You get different things for different amounts. $79 will buy you one kid’s suit and the track, but an extra $20 will get you a second suit — or alternatively the track with an adult suit.

The pack, the Wacky Worm Racing Game comes in, with a cartoon of Cedric on the front
The pack the Wacky Worm Racing Game comes in, with a cartoon of Cedric on the front

Once you have the game and a couple of suits, you can buy more suits separately.

$39 gets you an extra worm suit pack for kids from 4’5″ to 5’3″; $49 gets you an extra worm suit pack for adults up to 5’9″; $59 gets you an extra worm suit pack for taller adults up to 6’5″.

You could go all out, of course, and pledge $199 or more and get yourself four suits, two tracks and some extra gear — including Worm Life T-shirts!

Cedric first developed the game two years ago and is a super-enthusiastic person. He says on his Facebook page: “My advice to all is to stick with your dreams, have faith and believe in yourself despite naysayers.”

Let’s hope Cedric’s positive attitude and enthusiasm help him win over the judges on the show!

You can see Cedric and the other inventors in the trailer below.

The Toy Box Official Trailer

The Toy Box airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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