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Veterans Day marathon of Peter Berg’s The Warfighters on History

The Warfighters - troops encounter a roadside bomb
Troops under fire – with accounts from those who were there on the ground

Tune in tonight for back-to-back episodes of new series The Warfighters, with four episodes featuring first-hand account from the soldiers who were actually there.

From Peter Berg, The Warfighters  looks at actions involving U.S. Army Rangers, SEAL Team 3, U.S. Marines, Green Berets and conventional forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In honor of Veterans Day History Channel is running a four hour marathon hosted by Berg and Green Beret Bert Kuntz.

troops silhouetted against the sky
One veteran says: “Your brothers are the most important thing, the guy on the left and right of you.”

Find out how the Green Berets faired when their unit was ambushed by the Taliban and they were forced to fight their way to safety with a comrade shot in the neck.

Also in Afghanistan, the U.S. Army Ranger take the fight to a jihadist group after they hit a roadside bomb and take casualties.

Other episodes feature forces in action in Iraq with U.S. Marines fighting their way out of an ambush near Fallujah and SEAL Team 3 and conventional forces fighting insurgents.

Watch The Warfighters Marathon Event starting at 8/7c with The Green Berets of 7115 at 10 PM followed by Objective Breton at 11PM, on History Channel.

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