Vade Nutrition on Shark Tank: Could this change the protein powder industry?

Vade Nutrition
Will Vade Nutrition get a deal on Shark Tank? Pic credit: ABC/Mitch Haaseth

The first to present their pitch on Shark Tank this Sunday is Vade Nutrition, a wife-husband team who is trying to change the way we consume protein powder.

The idea is a dissolvable protein pack product. Instead of getting frustrated with using powder, which spills all over your car seats and consoles after a workout as you are trying to measure out the correct amount, these dissolvable pods are easy to use with no mess.

Joe and Megan Johnson started the business back in 2016 when they decided to quit their jobs and do this full-time. The couple met at a summer camp for college athletes, where Joe was a wrestler at Michigan State University and Meghan was a cheerleader from the University of Arizona.

They have one son, Noah.  The Johnsons currently live in Michigan.

The pods they are pitching are currently patent pending, which may be important to the sharks. The pods are wrapped in a dissolvable film, which contains 100% food grade ingredients.

While the founders are both athletic, they point out that anyone can enjoy these as they work out, whether people are trying to build muscle or lose weight.

It appears you can buy the products on their Vade Nutrition website, where you can get vanilla and chocolate flavors. You can also buy their premium Vade nutrition shaker bottle. The combination of flavors, which is both chocolate and vanilla is currently marked down for their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale for $35.99, down from $44.99.

This package will give you 30 servings. You can also buy the singular flavors, which is a bit cheaper, currently on sale for $34.39, down from $42.99.

You can also find their products on Amazon, where you can read some of the reviews from fans who have enjoyed these dissolvable protein scoops.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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