Unwelcome nocturnal visitors and building shelters on Alone

At night they really know they are alone!
A contestant’s shelter on Alone, looking good

On this week’s episode of Alone, there is not much Christmas spirit as survivalists construct shelters and prepare for the long haul.

Eight people remain as these lone contestants battle everything wild Patagonia has to throw at them.

Building a stable and weatherproof shelter is one of the most important things to get done, but the survivors are having mixed results.

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Shelter has collapsed
You just get the builders these days…

A good shelter does not just protect you from the elements and give you an important psychological boost, it also protects you from wild animals.

One contestant has their evening interupted by an unwelcome visitor who is making plenty of noise!

At night they really know they are alone!
At night they really know they are alone!

Patagonia doesn’t have many large predators, but there are cougars.

Watch Alone – Eternal Darkness at 9 PM on History Channel.

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