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UFO Conspiracy: Hunt for the Truth looks at the history of government cover-ups

UFO Conspiracy: Hunt for the Truth
UFO Conspiracy: Hunt for the Truth

UFO Conspiracy: Hunt for the Truth is a two hour special on History Channel looking at the various alleged government cover-ups trying to hide the truth from the people.

Nearly all the world’s governments have been accused of covering up information about UFOs and aliens at some point. In particular the United States, United Kingdom and Russia are often accused of making up stories or just burying the evidence.

Perhaps the most famous case of all is that of 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico, where the local airbase and farmers reported some strange objects that appeared to have fallen from the sky. This was even reported in the local press as flying saucers.

H0wever, soon after the air force told the press that the debris was merely a weather balloon that had crashed.

Since then there have been dozens of incidents that UFO theorists and investigators believe the government have covered up.

UFO Conspiracy: Hunt for the Truth airs tonight at 10PM on History Channel.

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