Ludacris drops mice, crabs, cockroaches on Fear Factor player’s face in exclusive clip!

Challenge number one is a bowl of live mice, nice

On this week’s Fear Factor, we have a disgusting exclusive clip where show host Ludacris is overseeing the creature torture of one contestant. She has live mice, crabs and giant Madagascar cockroaches dropped onto her face!

The first drop of white mice sees Ludacris make a really disgusted face.

The woman complains the mice “smell really bad.”

Ludacris’ face tells the story in its entirety-grossness alert!

Then next up, a bowl of sea crabs are dumped on her face. She complains they are “cold.”

This is where I check out, not enough money in MTV’s accounts for roach face!

The piece de resistance is the bowl of very active giant hissing Madagascar cockroaches. Ludacris steels her to the next challenge except now the poor contestant says they are biting and hurting her face!

Would you last in this relentless trifecta of gross challenges?

For six years, Fear Factor hosted by Joe Rogan was THE ultimate nerves of steel test where animal parts, live bugs, and nasty stuff was either eaten, endured or handles in some fashion.

The terrifying moments usually involved a person eating a live cockroach or animals testicles.

After being off the air for five years, Rogan is out and Ludacris is in as Fear Factor host.

The show boasts new icky stunts guaranteed to boost the adrenaline as the exercises ostensibly are designed to help contestants overcome their fears.

Often times it reinforces brand new fears in the viewing audience!

Fear Factor airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.

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