Twin Turbos exclusive: Brad DeBerti takes the lead in white knuckle race for finale

Brad is 100% locked in to winning this race n Twin Turbos. Pic credit: Discovery
Brad is 100% locked into winning this race n Twin Turbos. Pic credit: Discovery

The finale exclusive preview is here, and Twin Turbos ends on a high note as Brad DeBerti cleverly navigates a hairy speedway and pulls from third place to first in the clip from Discovery.

In a voice-over, Brad DeBerti explains his strategy for this race.

He said: “The semifinal round is the elimination race. Only the fastest drivers will make it to the final. Whoever comes in last in this heat goes home. The better I do here, the better my start position in the final race.”

The race announcer says: “They are on the line, ready to go already… so let’s take a look at the grid for semi-final number two. Connor Martell on the pole with Brad DeBerti alongside on Row 1.”

DeBerti chimed in: “Here I am in the front row going toe to toe with Connor Martell, the reigning champion. Man, if I can beat this guy, I am on the right path.”

As he races, we hear him speculate as his team guides him on the track telling him where Connor is in relation to Brad’s car.

Brad goes lap to lap in third place as his nervous dad watches. Finally, he hears there is a break in the race, and he can move forward and ace Connor and take the lead.

Lucky for him, Martell has a rear flat, and Brad DeBerti slid in for the opening slot.

In the series, the DeBertis push the limits of racing innovation, and stars Brad and Doug DeBerti have continued their family tradition of designing and fabricating some of the best custom cars the world has ever seen.

Along with the family business, Brad DeBerti dreams of becoming a professional race car driver as demonstrated in the clip.

The father and son are innovative designers and creative engineers and will take on any vehicle, new or old, and transform them into one of a kind, viral sensations.

Discovery notes:

“With another SEMA auto show ‘Best in Show’ award under their belt, they hope to repeat with a design that will revolutionize the truck industry with a truck they call ‘The Transformer Truck.’ Their idea-take all the storage of a not so stylish stock tool truck and hide it all within the seemingly stock body of a F-250. But the transformation is easier said than done, and with SEMA just a couple months away, tensions rise as they feel as if they may have gotten in over their heads on this one-of-a-kind DeBerti build.

The DeBerti’s also moved their shop to the racing and car fabrication country of North Carolina.

Tonight, check out the action as Doug and Brad feel the heat as they only have 45 days to finish their ultimate race truck prototype and move out of their old shop.

Meanwhile, Brad’s intense rallycross race in the clip below will either make or break his career.

Brad’s Semi-Finals Race | Twin Turbos airs Monday, December 9, at 10 pm ET/PT on Discovery.

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