Turn Up the Radio on Mr Robot: Song is from OK Go’s album Hungry Ghosts

Rami Malek as Elliot on Mr. Robot
Elliot goes to the nuclear plant to stop Whiterose. Pic credit: USA Network

Last night’s episode of Mr. Robot, titled eXit, featured the song Turn Up the Radio by the indie rock band OK Go.

Elliot woke up and found himself in an alternate timeline after he and Mr. Robot were caught in the nuclear meltdown initiated by Whiterose at the Washington Township nuclear power plant.

He woke up and found himself in a comfortably furnished apartment in an alternate universe in which he was engaged to Angela and has a good relationship with his dad.

He opened the shades and started his day with OK Go’s Turn Up the Radio playing. He shaved, showered, dressed up,  and went to work at AllSafe, where he was the CEO. At work, he prepared his presentation to F Corp.

Turn Up the Radio by OK Go

The indie rock band OK Go released Turn Up the Radio in October 2014. The song is the fourth track from their fourth studio album titled Hungry Ghosts and was released on their record label Paracadute. The album was produced by Dave Fridmann and Tony Hoffer.

Other songs from the Hungry Ghosts album include The Writing’s on the Wall, I Won’t Let You Down, Upside Down & Inside Out, and The One Moment.

The video below shows OK Go performing Turn Up the Radio on Conan. The video features a solo by the group’s guitarist Andy Ross.

On Mr. Robot Season 4, Episode 11, titled eXit, Elliot (Rami Malek) went to the Washington Township nuclear power plant after saying goodbye to Darlene at the motel. He found the place desolate and uploaded the malware to the power plant’s system, hoping it will abort the meltdown instigated by Whiterose.

Dark Army soldiers captured him and took him to meet Whiterose (BD Wong).

He and Whiterose debated human nature, good, evil, and hatred. Elliot pleaded with Whiterose, but she insisted on her plan to make a better world.

Whiterose then told Elliot that the malware he uploaded to the power plant’s system had failed and that the meltdown would occur.

Whiterose committed suicide by putting a gun to her head and pulling the trigger.

Mr. Robot arrived and tried to help Elliot escape but Elliot still wanted to stop the nuclear meltdown. So he inserted the disk containing the eXit computer game that Whiterose left and played the game believing that Whiterose left it as a mechanism to override the meltdown.

But it did not work. The world around them began to fall apart.  Elliot and Mr. Robot expressed their love for each other and the screen turned bloody.

Elliot woke up in his apartment in an alternate universe where he was living a happy life. He played OK Go’s Turn Up the Radio as he prepared to go to work at AllSafe.

He returned to his apartment later in the day to find another Elliot wearing a hoodie at his computer. He did not recognize the hooded Elliot and asked: “Who are you?”

Mr. Robot series finale airs on  USA Network at 9/8c on Sunday, December 22.

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