Deadliest Catch exclusive: Fight erupts on Saga as Capt. Jake’s authority challenged

Dean and, inset, the fight on Deadliest Catch
Dean Gribble as he challenges Capt. Jake Anderson and, inset, the fight on Deadliest Catch

A fight erupts aboard the Saga on tonight’s Deadliest Catch — when deckhand Dean Gribble challenges Captain Jake Anderson’s authority.

The act of insubordination is immediately countered by Jake, who calls Dean a “cancer” and tells him to get off his deck.

When Dean refuses, Jake tells the other deckhands: “Remove him right now!”

Sparks fly when fellow crew-member Dave Felton takes a swing at Dean, who retaliates as a brawl ensues.

The tensions start to mount as the crew are attempting to haul crab out at sea and deckhand Kyle Sample chokes on the hook, meaning Jake must backtrack.

As the hook misses the pot, Dean’s anger boils up at Jake before he takes an expletive-filled stand against the captain. He says: “It’s a joke dude. Get me on a real boat. A real captain.”

Jake tells him his attitude “has to stop” and as our exclusive clip below shows, as soon as Dean challenges the captain, the rest of the crew start to take a stand against him.

Speaking over the loudspeaker, Jake brands Dean “a cancer” and orders him to get off deck immediately.

When Dean carries on ranting, Jake tells the rest of the crew: “Everybody, remove him right now!”

A fist-fight then erupts on the treacherous icy deck, where one careless slip could end up with a man overboard.

The act of insubordination comes after the removal of Saga deck boss Sean Dunlop earlier in the season, so he could be sent to rehab.

That followed another huge fight between Dunlop and Hannes Huswick back in May.

What will Jake do and how will his crew deal with this mutinous action by Dean?

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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