Trinkets cast: Who plays Moe?

Kiana Maderia in Trinkets
Kiana Madeira plays Moe in Trinkets. Pic credit: Netflix

Kiana Madeira plays Moe in Netflix’s latest teen drama series, Trinkets, which premiered on the streaming platform on Friday. The series follows three high school teenagers, Moe Truax (Kiana Madeira), Elodie Davies (Brianna Hildebrand), and Tabitha Foster (Quintessa Swindell), who attend the same high school in Portland, Oregon.

Elodie just moved with her father Dough (Larry Sullivan) to Portland, Oregon, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, after her mother died in a car accident. During her first day at school, she encounters Moe and Tabitha. The three girls later meet at a Shoplifters Anonymous Group and bond over their shoplifting habits.

After seeing Kiana Madeira’s portrayal of Moe in Trinkets, many fans have been wondering who the actress behind the troubled character is.

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Here is everything you need to know about her.

Who is Kiana Madeira?

According to her IMDb page, Madeira was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She wanted to be an actor after seeing John Travolta in Grease and signed up with an agent at the age of 10.

Her first major acting role was Julia Wilson in Family Channel’s sitcom Really Me (2011-). She has also appeared in several Disney shows and films, including The Swap (2016) in which she played Sassy Gaines.

She played the role of Diane Grant in Bruno and Boots TV series (2016-2017) and Lindsay in The Night Before Halloween (2016). She appeared as Angel Trujillo in Sacred Lies (2018-) and as Amanda Reyes on Coroner (2019-).

She is also known for her role as Spencer Young in Season 5 of The CW’s The Flash (2014-). She played Evil Hannah in My Babysitter’s a Vampire (2011-2012), She is set to appear as Suzzie in the upcoming She Never Died, a sequel to He Never Died (2015). She will also appear in Fear Street (2020) and Fear Street 2.

You can check out Kiana’s social media presence on Instagram and Twitter.

She took to Instagram in October last year to share her anxiety issues.

Madeira’s boyfriend is Lovell Adams-Gray, her former co-star on Coroner. Kiana played Amanda Reyes on Coroner while Lovell played Dr. Dwayne Allen. She often posts photos of herself with Lovell on her Instagram page.

Madeira is also a yoga practitioner.

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