Travelers Season 3 Netflix release date and everything we know so far

Travelers release date
Eric McCormack returns as Traveler 3468 Grant MacLaren in Season 3 of Travelers. Pic Credit: Netflix

Travelers season 3 is returning as a Netflix exclusive, with the show moving from its previous home on Showtime. Eric McCormack, who portrays Grant MacLaren will direct the first episode of the third season. 

The second season ended in a bit of a cliffhanger with the family members of the people inhabit by the travelers discovering that their loved ones have been replaced by people from the future. 

When will Netflix release Travelers Season 3? 

Filming for the third season of Travelers wrapped up earlier this year in July. The last two seasons were released in October but that premiere date has passed.

Last week, Eric McCormack teased the release date when responding to a fan on Twitter. The actor stated that there will be “News in a few days.” 

About a week later, Netflix is yet to reveal the official release date but the third season is expected before the end of the year.  

Update: Netflix announced December 14 as the premiere date for the third season.

What to expect in Travelers Season 3 

Season 3 of Travelers will likely have 12 episodes as with previous seasons.

The main cast characters Marcy Warton, Carly Shannon, Trevor Holden, Philip Pearson and David Mailer are all set to return. Magda Apanowicz announced on Twitter that she has joined the cast for Season 3. 

The series production is based in Vancouver with all-Canadian cast. Netflix will likely announce an official release date in the coming weeks. Meantime, you can catch up on Season 1 and 2 of Travelers on Netflix. 

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