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Napa dreams for Nikki while Brie refuses to add more to her plate on Total Divas

Brie wants to savor the wine in Napa while Nikki wants to monetize it on Total Divas
Brie wants to savor the wine in Napa while Nikki wants to monetize it on Total Divas

On this week’s Total Divas. Napa devotees Brie and Nikki Bella are at loggerheads on how to enjoy the jewel of California wine country.

Noted area winemakers Tim Martin and Ryan Hill are close with Nikki Bella, who tells us in a separate interview she really needs her sibling Brie to be on board with the Bella Wine business idea she is completely set on.

“Brie, look at the view!” says Nikki. “I’m gonna start a wine business.”

Brie says: “Whatever, Nicole.”

“I just don’t think you understand,” says Nikki who is frustrated at the lack of interest her sister shows in making wine. “If it was easy everyone would do it.”

Brie says: “I’m truly happy when I’m in Napa Valley…now, you see numbers and now you want to make a business…’cause that’s how John (Cena) is. All John want’s to do is fill up his plate even if it’s so full he makes sure it’s overflowing.”

In an off-camera interview, Brie says: “John is so busy in his career now, he is always gone, and my sister is constantly looking for something to do. I feel like my sister is trying to keep up with John.”

Also on this episode, John Cena and Nikki have a romantic dinner and Nikki wears a revealing two-piece see-through number that shows off her as described, “not real” breasts. She laments to John: “We never get to see each other.”

“I’m gonna try and dedicate more time [about having a date night]…” as Nikki silences him with a kiss.

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