Tommie Lee child abuse charges could send Love & Hip Hop star away for a long time: What happened and how old is her daughter?

Tommie Lee from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, real name Atasha Chizaah Jefferson, as seen in mugshots taken by Cobb County Police. Pic Credit: Cobb County

Tommie Lee isn’t returning to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta next season. She claims she quit the show while LHHATL rumors suggest she was fired.

However, now it seems she’s going to be busy dealing with child abuse charges that could send her to jail for a very long time.

As many Love & Hip Hop fans already know, Tommie was arrested twice back in October 2018 within a matter of hours in connection with an altercation she had with her daughter.

Tommie, whose real name is Atasha Chizaah Jefferson, was first arrested on Tuesday, October 16 on charges of felony aggravated assault, battery and child cruelty.

Police investigating the incident claim that Tommie Lee showed up at her daughter’s middle school in Cobb County, Georgia and removed her from class, dragged her down the hallway by her hair and then slammed her into a locker.

After Tommie posted $27,000 bail for the incident, she was released but warned to stay away from her daughter. She didn’t heed that warning though and within three hours of her release, Tommie is accused of trying to contact her daughter again, violating a temporary restraining order.

Tommie Lee was arrested again but this time, when police came to her door, the reality star tried to hide. Her second arrest was for aggravated stalking and for obstruction of an officer.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star’s troubles didn’t end there and now, the woman with more than 30 mugshots is looking at the possibility of a very long sentence in connection with her October arrests.

On Thursday, Tommie Lee was indicted and is facing seven charges in connection with the alleged abuse of her daughter. Three of those charges are felonies while the other four are misdemeanors.

If Tommie Lee is convicted and given the full sentence on all seven charges, she’ll face a maximum of 54 years in prison!

Who are Tommie Lee’s daughters?

Tommie’s mother has been featured on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but neither of her daughters ever have. In fact, she’s been careful not to parade them on social media at all.

She did reveal at one point that she was just 17 years old when she became a mother, which means that Tommie’s oldest daughter, Samaria, would be about 17 years old.

Her youngest daughter is Havalli is just a few years younger and would likely be the child in middle school, though her identity was never made public in regard to the legal battle that threatens to put Tommie behind bars.

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