Tomi Lahren worries about sexual predators as she debates transgender rights with Jazz Jennings

Jazz listens to Tomi
Jazz listens to Tomi Lahren during their debate, which is shown on I Am Jazz

This week on I am Jazz, the family get protective as Jazz Jennings goes on a talk show hosted by young conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren.

Lahren has previously debated transgender rights many times and has publicly said she does not want to be “raped in the bathroom”, implying that giving transgender people access to bathrooms of the sex they identify as is dangerous.

However, Jazz is no shrinking violet and she gives as good as she gets when the debate starts. Previously she has defended herself against critics and even stepped in to help friends deal with family members.

Tomi and Jazz sitting opposite each other in the TV studio
Lahren and Jazz finding it hard to come across any common ground

During their chat Lahren explains that she does not care what people do in their own time but she does not want to pay for it and she is also a big fan of small government.

Another guest on the show points out to Lahren that banning transgender people from using bathrooms of the sex they identify with would indeed involve huge expense and government interference.

It could mean people being required to stand outside bathrooms checking birth certificates or something as invasive as a physical search.

Tomi listens to Jazz, sloceup
Lahren seems more interested in the sexual predators angle than the actual rights issue

When questioned about some of the language she has used in the past regards transgender people, Lahren says that she fears some sick individuals might use the guise of being transgender to get closer to their potential victims.

The whole issue of transgender rights has been in the news again recently as President Donald Trump announced that he did not back transgender individuals serving in the military.

Also on this episode, it will soon be decision time as Jazz Jennings and her family head go for a final consultation about the bottom surgery that she wants.

Watch the lead-up to Jazz’s debate with Lahren in the clip below from last week’s episode.

I am Jazz airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM on TLC.

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