Tokyo Vanity attacks Spice in epic LHHATL fight over Tabius Tate

Tokyo Vanity during her fight with Spice on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
 Tokyo Vanity screams at Spice moment before things go south on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Tokyo Vanity ends up in a massive fight with fellow Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member Spice as this season unfolds — over Tabius Tate.

Tokyo is one of the most interesting women to join the LHHATL cast in a long time. The New Orleans native has made a huge splash on Season 7 and left viewers with a lot of questions. The latest centers on the That’s My Best Friend artist’s relationship with Tate and whether or not he’s been faithful.

In the midseason trailer, it looks like he may have been messing around with Spice and when Tokyo finds out, it literally takes four bodyguards to keep her from putting hands on her friend.

This isn’t the first LHHATL clip that teases a feud between Tokyo Vanity and Spice. These two have been gearing up for a major brawl since Season 7 started.

It’s no secret that 23-year old Tokyo is a virgin. It’s something she talks about in nearly every episode and she’s proudly waiting for the right moment before she does the deed for the first time.

On the other hand, it’s looking like Tokyo’s boyfriend Tabius got tired of waiting around.

Leave it to Karlie Redd to start a whole lot of drama when she reveals that Tabius may be stepping out on Tokyo Vanity. In an older clip, Karlie can be seen telling Tokyo about her recent double date with Spice and her man.

Imagine Tokyo’s shock when Karlie lets it slip that the man Spice brought with her was none other than Tabius Tate. When the pair meet, Tokyo attacks Spice with her handbag!

Fast forward to the get-together at the dude ranch organized by Rasheeda Frost later this season and it looks like the drama will be spilling over.

As LHHATL fans saw at the very end of the midseason trailer at the end of last week’s episode — and shown in the clip above — we see Tokyo Vanity fly into a rage.

Clearly there is tension prior to the clip but fists start to fly after Tokyo Vanity starts yelling: “I don’t have no problem with her but the b***h keeps playing with me!”

At that point, Spice jumps up and throws a whole plate of cake at Tokyo. That enrages the LHHATL newcomer, who gets up and lunges at Spice.

When the bodyguards jump in to keep the women separated, it takes a whole lot of muscle to hold Tokyo back from a Spice beatdown.

Tokyo Vanity tries to fight Spice on LHHATL.
It took four bodyguards to hold Tokyo Vanity back during her fight with Spice

In another LHHATL sneak peek, Tokyo Vanity can be seen confronting Tabius about his unfaithfulness. In the clip, he tells her that he was out with his ex.

Apparently, he was out eating tacos with the other woman and that doesn’t sit well with Tokyo.

Considering all the drama that Tokyo is dealing with because of Tabius Tate, it doesn’t look like their relationship is going to make it past third base.

Despite her good girl image, Tokyo Vanity is racking up enemies on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta with record speed.

Will she be able to forgive Spice for trying to steal her man or is that fight not over yet?

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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