Tiny Twins in parking lot fight on Little Women: Atlanta after bombing as nightclub hosts

Andrea talks about the night's various disasters on Little Women: Atlanta
Andrea talks about the night’s various disasters on Little Women: Atlanta

The Tiny Twins end up in a fight in a parking lot on this week’s Little Women: Atlanta — after totally bombing during their first attempt at hosting a party at a popular nightclub.

It’s a big moment for the pair, Amanda and Andrea Salinas, and they are understandably nervous as they say beforehand: “It’s a huge night for the Tiny Twins.”

But things don’t go to plan when their efforts fail to strike a chord with revellers at the club, and mic trouble even has some of them holding their fingers in their ears.

Andrea says: “The crowd ain’t feeling us. It’s a disaster.”

Things go from bad to worse when Tanya’s friend Abira steals the limelight leading to a full-on fight in the parking lot.

Also on this week’s Little Women: Atlanta, Sam unexpectedly returns to the city but not everyone’s too pleased about that.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.  

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