Tickets for Nick Groff’s 2018 paranormal tour of USS Hornet with Amy Allan selling out fast

Nick Groff and Amy Allan
Nick Groff and Amy Allan will be meeting fans and giving a paranormal tour of USS Hornet

Tickets for Paranormal Lockdown star Nick Groff’s ghost tour of USS Hornet with The Dead Files’ Amy Allan are selling fast, according to a post on Nick’s social media.

The Meet and Greet plus a tour will take place on April 20 and 21, 2018 in Alameda, California, where the Hornet is moored and is now a museum.

The ship was built over 70 years ago and saw action in WWII and even in Vietnam, as such it has seen a lot of tragedy and sadly not a few deaths. Stories of paranormal activity on the Hornet are common and many cite the high number of suicides on the ship as evidence of something being amiss.

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Nick Groff USS Hornet Poster
Nick Groff, Amy Allen and guests will be giving a paranormal tour of the USS Hornet

Nick’s tour company are offering a basic meet and greet of him, Amy plus any guest for $30. The VIP tour comes in at $259 and includes a Q&A, a tour of the ship with Nick and his guests plus loads of goodies to remember the experience.

You can buy tickets and find out more on Nick Groff Tours.

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