Tia Becca on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta – Everything you need to know about her kids, ex-husband Bryant ‘B Moe’ Shaw, Instagram and baby fathers

Tiarra 'Tia Becca' on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
Tiarra is back on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and viewers are asking a lot of questions. Pic credit: VH1

With the return of Scrapp DeLeon to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, we also have seen his baby mama Tiarra — also known as Tia Becca — reclaim her spot on the VH1 series.

Last time we saw her, she was pregnant and married to Bryant “B Moe” Shaw, but a lot has changed since then and now, viewers are wondering exactly what changed and why she’s been trying so hard to win Scrapp back.

It turns out that Tiarra’s marriage to Bryant “B Moe” Shaw didn’t end well. In fact, Urban After Dark reports that things quickly turned sour with Tiarra and B Moe divorcing in 2017.

It was also reported that she opted not to remain pregnant with (assumedly) his child and revealed that news in a text message to his new woman, Malaysia Pargo.

Clearly, Tia Becca has been through it and the past few years have been a challenge but she’s also shown that she was up for it and now, she’s ready to shine again on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

She even recently took aim at VH1 for referring to her as just “Scrapp’s baby mama.” Check out what she had to say:

Tia Becca on Instagram

Tiarra — or Tia Becca — posts often on Instagram, sharing pictures of herself and also promoting various projects she has been involved in. For example, she often posts about Culture Karaoke at Whiskey Mistress.

She has also posted a few times about the tragic death of Nipsey Hussle, even taking trolls to task for sharing the video of Lauren London arriving at the hospital.

When Tiarra firmly believes in something, she’s quick to share her opinion about it.

How many children does Tiarra have?

Tiarra has always stayed on the private side in regard to her relationships and her family, both on reality TV and social media. While she does post about her kids, she doesn’t do it often.

That said, Tiarra has five children with one of those fathered by Scrapp DeLeon. We hear about her son, King, often. That’s the little boy she shares with Scrapp and often argues about with his mother, Karen “KK” King.

Her other four children include a son named Ace and two daughters, Liyah and Niecy. She hasn’t revealed who they are fathered by. The fifth child, assumed to be fathered by Bryant “B Moe” Shaw, is Jordan.

Not much is known about this child as Tiarra has been very private about that entire relationship.

Some didn’t even realize that she ever had the child until KK mentioned her having a husband and baby on a recent episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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